Friday, July 29, 2011

I love Young Women!

Well, it's been almost two months now since being called to Young Women and I love it!  We have a small group of girls but they're so lovable!  I jumped in helping them with "pre-camp" stuff:  making "mess-kit" bags (sewing them together), tie-dying t-shirts and ironing on the camp theme logo:  "Reach for the Stars!".  We went to the camp-site and  cleaned it up and built a HUGE firepit right in the middle!  Then, the girls and leaders could arrange their tents around it in a circle!  I enjoy teaching the Sunday lessons too.  We don't have our adviser yet, or secretary . . . I'm sure that will come along soon.  I had a wonderful opportunity to go with the girls and guys to a Tri-Stake Youth Conference in Missoula.  Really well organized.  It lasted three days - lots of workshops, testimony meetings, activities and a huge opportunity to serve.  We had our yellow "Mormon Helping Hands" vests on and had amazing opportunities to talk about the Church.  The food was fantastic!  Our presidency is wonderful!  Tristan Abbott (so sweet) is our President; I'm first Coun. and Merril Lee Rasmussen is 2nd Coun.  We just cleaned out the YW closet - yikes!  But now it is sparkling clean and SO organized!  I just ordered online cute YW things - bookmarks, etc.  Of course I still am the Choir pianist, Ward and Stake organist, but I must admit, this calling (YW) is my absolute favorite!  I thank my lucky stars for having this opportunity again after all these years!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Personal Best

This year I've been running shorter races - 10ks to be exact.  I've been trying to do a personal best for each one.  I ran for the first time in the Whitefish Lake 10k Run.  I was hoping to come in under 1 hour . . . I ran it in 55 minutes!  My average mile was 8:50 minute/mile!  I was so happy.  I stayed for awards and came in 1st for my age group.  I came in 10th for over-all womens.  So, I was a happy runner that day.  The run was beautiful!  Up pretty early so we could be bussed to the starting location.  The port-a-potties didn't arrive before we boarded the bus, so I was a little worried about that.  The race didn't start until 8 am and we were at the top of the mountain by 7am!  I decided to warm up a little by walking along the road.  I was secretly hoping to find a large bush I could hide behind to do "my thing."  Fortunately, I ran into some construction on a road and found a port-a-pottie!  Whew!  NOW I was ready to begin the race!  It was fun.  The volunteers were great and the t-shirt was actually a good one!  I'll wear it over and over again as I do my daily runs.  Thanks Whitefish Lake 10k Run for the memories!  ps.  my next 10k race is August 27th (Sat.) - Whitefish Friends/Family 10k Run.  Again, I'll try to best my 55 minutes.  Maybe try and cut another 2 minutes off?